Rushikeshis the CEO at Atyaasaa Foundation. He is an affable corporate trainer with over 26 years of experience in HR, operations, international business and training. He has held various leadership positions in several leading IT and consulting organizations.

Rushikesh has delivered several transformational workshops, competency enhancement programmes, behavioural interventions on interpersonal effectiveness, emotional intelligence and creating high performance teams – both indoor and outbound to large number of participants from the corporate world. These training programmes have been delivered through his unique capability of creating influence through empathetic relationships with participants.

quoteRushikesh has an innate ability of connecting with people across cultures, tenure ship, experience and position which results in break-through business outcomes.

Rushikesh has contributed in transforming lives of classes and masses thus far. This has provided him with a unique opportunity to study and understand humanquote behaviour. His deep interest, early initiation and understanding of the oriental knowledge related to human mind and behaviour has helped him offer solutions to several individuals.

He has facilitated personal and professional change in individuals through his soft spoken but affirmative approach.

His expertise lies in relationship building, ownership and accountability, managerial effectiveness, overcoming leadership dilemmas and effective people management.