quote Design thinking has been identified as key competency requirement for future ready professionals by various researches. We live in a world of constant transformation and flux thus exposing ourselves to complex scenarios mostly of human dimensions. All future ready professionals must thus compliment their analytical thinking with creative thinking. This mix of both will create the edge to succeed in the coming days and years.

Design thinking is an innovation process that challenges the myth that creative talent is an inborn attribute. It is an effective tool for finding elucidations to all the human centric and multifaceted problems. It is a nonlinear process of innovation.

Design thinkingís unique differentiator is; it is an empathetic methodology of prototyping and testing solutions for intricate scenarios requiring co-creation in all areas of human complexities. It is a structured, yet way to facilitate data driven rapid innovation, through accelerated testing of ideas.

Itís a methodology used for innovating products, services, processes and business remodeling. It is identified as one of the essential competencies for managers to possess in todayís time. Design thinking as a practice can be adopted anytime by an organization to solve the multifarious wicked business problems. It brings in people together to think and innovate solutions to the human centric problems.

Various leading organizations have implemented design thinking. The benefit of this innovation methodology is that it is tested several times before implementation and is always open for improvement for the superlative outcome.

Design organizations as per research tend to out perform traditional problem soving organization by atleast two hundred percent. It is noteworthy to mention that most leading world class brands have made Design thinking as a part of their DNA. These organizations focus on innvations which are human centric and thus tend to create opportunities for their growth in an accelerated velocity.

This learning intervention will enable you to incorporate the innovation culture and redefine the way the problems are perceived in the organization.