Consistent with its manifest, Atyaasaa has been a place where freedom of enterprise is nurtured and amplified. High emphasis on the value system ensures openness and transparency. With the plethora of knowledge and creativity all around, it seems as an enigma.

1However, as one settles down, the subtle beauty of creative work environment gets revealed. All creative efforts receive feedback which is matched only by the live response a theatre artist receives from the audience.

Customer focus is the key at Atyaasaa and all the processes and services are tuned to ensure complete satisfaction of clients at all levels. Self management is best management – is the motto here. With total commitment to quality,

Atyaasaa continues to raise the quality bar for delivery of its service. Discipline coupled with rich value system creates a positive, performance oriented work culture.

2At Atyaasaa, one can look for infinite learning opportunities while working on live projects. This learning shapes individuals, transforming them into profound professionals.

While working at Atyaasaa, owing to its humongous client and partner base, one gets to work in niche areas with World Class Companies from diverse vertical segments of the economy.

Atyaasaa is a place that provides all its employees with incessant learning experiences and nourishes the soul.