world class

Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a leading business consulting, organizational development, human resource training and coaching organization that strives to awaken human and organizational excellence through its exclusively customized consulting, training and coaching interventions.

quoteAtyaasaa‘s service offerings are uniquely differentiated. The features that distinguish its offerings include – extensively researched and validated knowledge base, in-house developed models/frameworks, state of art inventory of simulations/games, experiential learning andragogy, client based customization, high impact, effective programmes and experienced faculty.

Innovation is at the heart of Atyaasaa‘s corporate philosophy. Novelty is inspired and encouraged at all levels within the organization. The design of the cubicle-less, lounge-like Atyaasaa office space is an attempt to cut through the traditional mind-set of office layout in addition to encouraging creativity to flow and flourish.

Atyaasaa as an organization is aware of its core competency – behavioural science to transform lives. Each member walks into the office fully focussed and passionate about this very purpose. No activity or service that is divergent from the mission is undertaken or offered by the organization.

Value addition, customization and up-gradation based on expert insights and customer feedback is done continuously at Atyaasaa. The marketing team specializes in conducting test marketing studies to ensure that the services are in line with the pulse of the market. Internal and external environment analysis at regular intervals ensures that Atyaasaa is agile as well as proactive – constituting the business intelligence.

quoteAtyaasaa has a strong foothold in the domestic market and is aggressively venturing into the international arena. All the service offerings are tailored to have local features with global orientation which is a product of its ‘Glocal mind-set’. Thus, all clients and partners in diverse countries are benefited from the international benchmarks and indigenous touch.

Talent acquisition, development, engagement and retention are the processes of high significance to the organization. Atyaasaa has developed a highly valid and elaborate process for selection purpose to get the right fit in the system. The identification and fast tracking of high performers ensure that they feel valued as well as get engaged. Challenging assignments and changing responsibilities ensure the members are constantly developing themselves. Exciting opportunities ensure that the talent is retained in the organization.

quoteAtyaasaa Foundation is a not for profit initiative of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited to cater to social causes. It is committed to taking the knowledge generated over years to all the masses, irrespective of their social and economic standing. Atyaasaa helps the underprivileged students to get higher education, discover themselves and lead a respectable life.

Thus, Atyaasaa exhibits all the salient characteristics that transcends an organization to a ‘World Class’ stature. Atyaasaa is committed to spreading the knowledge, know-how and attributes of ‘World Class Organizations’ to the other domestic and international organizations as well.