Over the last fifteen years Atyaasaa has partnered globally with multiple drivers of growth who share the same vision of excellence. This mutual partnership with each other is for the delivery of services in the area of business consulting, organizational development, training and coaching.

We move forward with esteemed organizations and together are propellants of orbital shift, in our quest for co-creation of business and knowledge.


RFO is a unique one-stop outsourcing platform in the market that follows the aggregator business model to offer specialized and integrated services to its business clients. It identifies and understands the business needs of entrepreneurs in the market as well as foreign investors looking for local business support and facilitates them to reach out for the best possible solution that will help them achieve operational excellence, cost optimization, revenue enhancement and overall business growth.

RFO’s key specialization lies in the fields of sales and distribution, training and resource development, market and trade communication, software solutions, media and public relations, call centre and integrated office support services. With this extensive range of market expertize across the value chain, RFO is able to bring forward the unique proposition of integrated specialized services to its business clients. As they reach out to RFO for outsourcing opportunities and best practice solutions, these business clients are able to better focus on their strengths and core business.


techventures, is a niche management, marketing and solutions consulting firm with a focus on use of technology and ‘go to market’ enablement for new ventures and established players to deliver in the global market place.

The management has extensive experience in building start-ups, ‘go to market’ enablement, organizational change, personnel development, biometrics, payment solutions, identity management, alternate energy and collective business experience of over 100 man years in different industry verticals.

The company has been a catalyst in technology solutions for payment and collection services, travel authorities and specializes in managing business ventures of large MNCs viz. construction, retail, hospitality, real estate and possess skilled expertize in management of Government programmes and initiatives. Their forte also lies in delivery of CRM enabled customer fulfilment solutions for governments and corporate.

With its offices located in Dubai, UAE, techventures has business initiatives in the USA, India, Middle East, CIS, South Asia and Africa.