Atyaasaa Consulting

Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. founded on October 19th 1999, also termed ‘the nuclei’ is the core of the ‘Atyaasaa universe’. Atyaasaa tailors business consulting, organizational development, human capital and process management, strategic coaching and customized training to world class companies nationally and globally.

It facilitates breakthrough innovation, unique customization of all services under the banner. Atyaasaa contributes to attaining human excellence and fulfilling corporate needs through perpetual augmentation of skills, competencies and processes.

The accelerators behind helping organizations reach their goals and shift orbits comprises of a highly principled and passionate research team, a young and talented project management team and experienced and erudite consultants. All services are developed, delivered and implemented using well defined course content and state of the art technology tools.