2Behavioural competencies play a crucial role in every walk of life of an individual, including the corporate. With people across many dimensions of individual differences, to be able to understand and utilize these in an efficient manner is an indicator of success. The behavioural assessment inscribes the techniques and strategies to identify the purposes of specific behaviour. It is an integrated process to tap the "why" of the behaviour.

With the need for other expertise, the impact of personality and behavioural traits cannot be neglected; these assessment tools are one of the most instrumental measures to assess the problem area, identify the causes and correlate them. The applicability and utility of behavioural assessment facilitates decision in workplace.

Atyaasaa provides customized behavioural assessment tools that reveal covert behavioural traits, which enables an individual to gain an insight over his strengths, limitations and augment their self awareness. This also would incorporate ways to enhance their performance and become aware of their work style.