First time managers need explicit skill sets to evolve from team members to team managers. First time managers do a lot of work themselves, yet it is paramount that they also focus on building their ability to manage themselves and lead their team.

This intensive one day, vastly interactive workshop was designed for new managers who wished to nurture their management skills and get on the expeditious track to accomplish leadership success. This comprehensive leadership training covered established management techniques and powerful strategies needed, to become a stronger, more confident and respected leader.

Participants learnt how to overcome key management challenges with ease, including establishing credibility and authority, motivating employees to give 110 percent, dealing with attitude problems and rule-breakers and curbing absenteeism and tardiness. They learnt how to give constructive feedback and conduct effectual performance appraisals.



Partner by definition is a person or entity that takes part in an undertaking. Unlike a ‘support function’, which is limited to providing reactive service without having anything to do with the bottom line, a ‘partner function’ takes proactive action to ensure profitability and competitiveness. The word ‘partner’ implies a considerable degree of ownership and accountability. Thus, HR being a partner of business implies that HR is collaborating along with functions to ensure business results are achieved.

Being a part of HR function as a business partner a distinct set of attributes, including mindset, skills and competencies are required. This exclusively crafted certification programme helps the HR community imbibe the attributes of a HR business partner and increase the value of HR in the stakeholders mind. The core of the entire programme is collaborating with other functions, to transcend the organizational performance to the next level.

This certification programme helped distinguish oneself in the pool of HR professionals as a unique, business aligned, ROI focused HR business partner..



As managers we all seek committed, high performance teams which innovate constantly. To ensure this, we need to set expectations, develop skills and competencies, provide feedbacks as well as feed forwards while nurturing the continual improvement spirit within our teams and departments. Business coaching has emerged as an effective way to ensure superlative performance and success behaviours in individuals. "Coaching" is the process of helping people develop their capacity to think about things (such as problems, people, relationships, customers, products, services, the future) in new and creative ways so that they can accomplish what they really want. Thus, a business coach inspires, energizes and equips the team to achieve victory.

This certification programme was designed specially to equip participants with the knowledge, techniques and methodologies of coaching. This also ensured that participants evolved as unique effective leaders, who excelled in unraveling and developing people capabilities. In turn participants were able to create a niche branding for themselves in the organization.