Emotional Quotient has become a significant element for nourishing high performance at work. Organizations around the globe are implementing emotionally intelligent practices in their way of doing business and for solutions to crucial challenges in sales, customer service, retention, productivity, and leadership. The research is undeniable. Mastery of leadership, management and most organizational roles requires a high level of Emotional Quotient. Self discovery is the first step towards developing Emotional Quotient and that makes a validated workshop on Emotional Quotient the best place to start. An emotionally intelligent individual is able to understand and regulate emotions as well as sense and manage others emotions. Thus, this individual is able to nurture fruitful and joyful relationship with self and others. Emotional Intelligence improves decision making capabilities in managers as it helps tap into rationality while assessing its impact at an emotional level.



The predictive validity of classical method of interviewing is as low as 0.2.; which means if only classical interviews are used as a means of selection then out of 5 selected candidates only one is likely to perform well in the job! The alternative is to move to behavioural interviewing – the scientific way of interviewing.

Behavioural interviewing is about delving into the depths as well as the past of an individual to identify the behavioural patterns. This not only is an accurate predictor of the future behaviour but also envisages the performance in a particular job (predictive validity = 0.6). This method is being deployed world over to identify and quantify the level of competencies present in individuals.

The certification programme on Behavioural Interviewing aimed at organizations and individuals looking out to hire the best and create high performance organizations and individuals. This Bildung intervention was positioned for those who recruit, manage and deploy talent.



In an ADDIE process (Assess, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) each phase is characterized by a set of activities and project outputs in the form of a tangible deliverables.

This Bildung intervention was designed to give an experience of each of the stages of ADDIE for effective programme delivery based on the business and project outcomes. It was designed to equip the participants with the right techniques for assessing requirements, programme development, training delivery & implementation and finally measuring overall effectiveness.



This Seminar was designed for professionals engaged in upgrading & innovating people management processes. This Bildung brought creative and ingenious solutions in the field of organizational development, human resources and behavioural science to table. It focused on “Strategic human resource alignment, development and deployment process”. The aim of this seminar was to equip participants with knowledge and framework required for systematically and scientifically evolving HR strategies. It provided the foundation and means to integrate HR strategy with business strategy to achieve organizational excellence.