2Ever wondered, why you prefer working with some colleagues, or in certain environments, as compared to others? How can you better adapt yourself to other people and different situations that you are not comfortable with? These are the questions we all seek answer to, in professional as well as personal life.

DISC is a behavioural analysis tool that will help you know the behavioural patterns underlying your personality. It is a web-based tool requiring as little as 20 – 30 minutes of the test taker.

2Hades, the Greek God is the archetype of personal and collective unconscious outside our awareness that stores all our memories, feelings and thoughts not yet embraced. It is an extremely powerful aspect because whatever is lying unexplored within us has the potential to awaken us as well as guide us towards personal excellence and thereby organizational excellence.

Atyaasaa has an exhaustive list of behavioural assessment tools which we customize depending on the need of the hour.

2Hyperion is the Greek god of watchfulness, wisdom and light, which means ‘watcher from above’. Specially trained assessors play this role beautifully by objectively and systematically observing participants as they go through the activities.

Assessment centre (AC) refers to a comprehensive procedure which applies a battery of techniques to measure an individual’s competencies, abilities and behaviours that are imperative for superlative performance in a job.