2 Hermes is the Greek God of riches, trade, good fortune, and the messenger of Gods. No matter which business/trade you are engaged in, negotiation is inevitable. Hermes portrays, the competitive position your organization would achieve once adept with the skill of negotiation. The workshop is structured to help your people explore their key skills and the details of negotiation; thereby applying it in day-to-day business transactions. In a nutshell, Hermes will help transform your people into empowered negotiators.


2Interviewing is a crucial process having long-term consequences in every organization. It is therefore important to conduct this process systematically and skillfully. This programme is intended for all middle, senior level managers and executives who play a pivotal role in the recruitment process.

This programme would also help the technical professionals to facilitate a successful interviewing process during challenging situations.


2Ares is the Greek God of war and conflict. Just as any war or conflict requires a closure or solution so does the arising of any problem. This workshop takes you through the diverse techniques of effectual problem solving. It further helps you handle difficult situations and think about the solutions of these problems from myriad perspectives.

The theories, methodologies and techniques entailed in this workshop will help you progress in your problem solving abilities.


2Chronos is the Greek God of time. He personifies the sequential arrangement or occurrence of events.

This workshop shares insights to help you learn how to prioritize. Chronos takes you through learnings on how tasks can be managed effectively. This workshop also lays emphasis on how to effectively deal with stressing situations while ensuring that you achieve phenomenal results. Learn to control your time before time controls you!


2Protogenia is the Greek Goddess of accomplishment in business; and what better than effective communication personifies success in business.

Atyaasaa, with a carefully structured programme strives to focus on the power and the significance of the process of communication for effective results. It stresses on how effectual business communication can make your organization more proficient than others.