2 Hecate, the Greek Goddess of crossroads and new beginnings, is an epitome of fresh perspectives for growth. Is your organization in constant search of fresh ideas and ingenuity? Do you think your organization needs innovative stimulation and brainwaves? This ideation workshop encompasses live idea generation and innovation to accentuate your organization’s performance and profits. It will facilitate you to unleash the latent and innate talent of your people to harness the plaguing problems as well as seize the lucrative opportunities for your organization.


2Irene is the Greek Goddess of the spring season and peace. She is a symbol of sense of gratification accompanying the process of self awakening and realization. Self discovery is a journey of delving deep into oneself to discover and sync with our inner being. Individuals benefit from self discovery by knowing their true passions as well as means to nurture them. This workshop is meant to equip you with the power of self awareness and discovery. The unique process methodology used in this programme includes live real time self-discovery.


2Morpheus is the Greek God of dreams. In today’s world of countless choices amidst constant challenges, a vision acts as a guide to decision making as well as inspiration for perseverance and courage. This workout is meant to help you collate your thoughts, expectations and ideas of future for yourself as an individual, your team as well as your organization to define a powerful vision. Most of us have a vague idea of the things we want and how we want to be in certain aspects of life; it is time to craft a precise, balanced, well thought-out vision.


2Penelopeia - the Greek Goddess whose name literally translates to ‘needle and thread’. She epitomizes the foresight and focus, one needs to have, while weaving out a strategy. This workout process takes you through a live strategy formulation, right from organizational goals to departmental targets and individual objectives. It leaves you with a clear view of where you currently are and where you need to head. It also makes you adept at the art of managing the change, which is a result of the new crafted strategy. With Penelopeia, go beyond classroom learning towards effectual implementation.