2Phoebe is the Greek Goddess of intellect and prophecy. Phoebe personifies knowledge with direction or a foresight that a leader must possess. A leader is the one who gives direction to the team and drives team effort to achieve goals. He must be someone who has a vision.

This workshop takes you through application of and comprehending the managerial grid and the situational leadership model; thus, helping you to transition from one style to another.


2Atyaasaa endeavours to endow aspiring, new and potential team leaders with insights to revisit their chartered team management customs to alleviate them to be the cup bearers to the illustrious Zeus.

This workshop is custom made to address the prerequisite progressive competencies among the team leaders and instigate “outside the box” thought process to gleam their future career prospects.


2Pronoea is the Greek Goddess of foresight and vision.The vision and mission determines the long-term strategy that the organization chooses to pursue.

This workshop will help you in creating a mission, a vision and strategic goals for the development of the organization. Also, it would assist you in aligning departmental and individual targets to achieve these goals. Pronoea understands the reason of your organization’s existence and aligning yourself to achieve results.


2Thea is the Greek Goddess of foresight. She is an epitome of a forward looking approach, a foresight that is a prerequisite for crafting paramount strategies. To keep up with the best, in this fast paced and competitive milieu, what organizations need is a competitive strategy.

The workshop entails learnings about strategy design, development as well as its implementation and evaluation. It leaves you with a clear understanding of where you are.


2Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea having the capability to steer waters. He represents the power that this programme would give you to bring about organizational change and integration. Mergers and acquisitions entails coming together of two entities having different set of philosophies to form one entity. They mark a delicate stage in the organizational evolution and hence demand specialised attention, diligent dealing and expert proficiency. This workshop has been crafted to balance soft aspects of mergers and acquisition to ensure that the stakeholder value is enhanced.