2 Philia is the Greek Goddess personifying friendship, familiarity and alliance. Relationship building does not come easy; it requires an understanding and a desire to develop it.

This workshop on interpersonal effectiveness helps you transform yourself by gaining insights into your own behaviour; thereby changing the way others perceive you. Philia further urges you to understand the importance of building and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships for organizational growth.


2Artemis is the Greek Goddess of confidence, courage and independence. While facing uncertainty what is needed is confidence and the nerve to face such situations; Artemis aptly incorporates this. Ambiguity or uncertainty fosters creativity and growth. Due to ever-changing technological advancements the element of uncertainty is bound exist.

This workshop helps you imbibe the skills which enable you handle change and deal with uncertainty effectually.


2Caerus depicts the Greek God personifying opportunity and fortune. Caerus signifies accomplishment of the aim. As an organization, it must be your constant endeavour to transform activity orientation to result orientation.

This workshop would incorporate learning the skills for planning for results. It will help you integrate the business drive and understand the working of events that occur.


2Hemera is the Greek Goddess of the sun, personifying energy, radiance and a central force. Teamwork, just like the sun has characteristics of exploiting the synergist energies and is pivotal to the success of the organization. Atyaasaa brings to you customized workshops on team building; taking teams through learnings that inspire them to effectively work in collaboration. Teamwork cannot be ordered; and Hemera infuses insights as to how it can be achieved. The workshop encompasses all aspects of teamwork while keeping your organizational needs in mind.


2Epona depicts the Greek Goddess of prosperity, sustenance, nurturance, healing and development. Organizations are taking strategic initiatives to develop their employees to reduce costs amplify their efficiency and aptitude to innovate. This workshop has been specially designed to provide the knowledge as well as competencies to help develop your employees and create a platform for succession planning. Epona facilitates the understanding of how to improve the confidence and increase the motivation as well as effectiveness of your organizational members to help them perform better.