For every organization that is focussed on growth, the biggest driver is making sales more productive. Utilization of the sales channel to its full potential promises not only increase in revenue but also tremendous performance resulting in breakthrough financial outcomes.

1Atyaasaa’s sales strategies are real-world and concrete, we believe in the concept of chain reaction and understand the impact of changing one section on the subsequent fragments in the channel. We provide customized and effective sales and marketing solutions that impact organizations at a holistic level.

Sole Selling
All sales initiatives are designed to get the immediate job done. Our professionals partner with the client to create and execute solutions that are result oriented. Our clients benefit from our extensive sales experience meeting a plethora of challenges in the market.

  • Leasing of sales teams on project basis
  • Development and management of national and international distribution channels (dealerships and franchises)
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales performance management system
  • Sales talent acquisition
  • Driving sales model
  • Sales training

Transaction Management
The experience obtained in various segments of the market by our consulting professionals, along with our presence across different domestic and international regions enables us to provide transparent and process driven transaction management.

  • Swift response to opportunities
  • Cost optimization
  • Legally clear and transparency in all transactions
  • Strong presence in the local market
  • Adhering to time schedules
  • Procedure driven service for elimination of errors
  • Due diligence prior to commencement of transaction