Mergers and Acquisitions are a major part of organization and corporate world restructuring. These pulsating M&A might dictate the future growth of the company for years to come. Atyaasaa helps these organizations in accelerating their growth and increasing their odds of successful M&A through an integrated, simulated and customized approach that combines acquisition strategy, due-diligence and merger integration.

1Atyaasaa provides its clients with exclusive corporate and acquisition strategy, merger planning and execution, legal support in all partner identifications and joint ventures.

Partner identification/Joint Venture formulation
Partner identification is a key component of this service enabling the client to create diversity in their project offering and merge and acquire potential businesses. Atyaasaa also helps in articulating joint ventures for the purpose of business expansion, new product development and entry into new markets.

  • Develop merger and acquisition strategy
  • Target identification and analysis
  • Value assessment and expectations
  • Modelling outcomes and due diligence
  • Contract completion
  • Post transaction integration
  • Diagnosing and enhancing value
  • Negotiating terms

Our unique amalgamation of industry insights and domain expertize help us deliver quantifiable results for our clients in the areas of intellectual property rights and commercial contracts.

  • Trademarks and patents for the product
  • Legal documentation for customers
  • Techno-legal evaluation of marketing collaterals
  • Due diligence and contracts for channel partners and vendors