Brand management is an essential aspect of business and organizational development. Along with increasing the knowhow for the product or service, branding also increases consumer awareness. It also gives it its identity and defines its worth in the market.  

The advent of new age marketing and advertising fuelled with a wide interactive platform has given many businesses the opportunity to enhance brand awareness and equity in their vertical. Atyaasaa’s unique and powerful methods accelerates building a brand and exposing it in the market and enables development of brand personality.

1Productization is providing a tangible character to a concept. It is also defined as the act of modifying something, such as a concept, model, application, component or a tool internal to an organization, to make it suitable for commercialization.

The basic nature of the market is to function based on the gap between demand and supply, our clients increasingly recognize the need to create a differentiating proposition that will provide them an opportunity to enhance their value proposition as compared to their competitors.

  • Explore the unique value offerings
  • Define standardized processes and SOP
  • Conceive winning pricing strategies
  • Bring in consistency and tangibility
  • Fine tune and repeat strategy
  • Robust CRM system
  • Training manpower
  • Prepare product blueprint

Branding / Rebranding
This branding strategy is about creating value for customers while encompassing all things that consumers know, feel and experience about a business brand at a holistic level. Our consultation offers the client with an opportunity to define their brand in the market determining what exactly the brand embodies thus providing a distinctive positioning.

  • Brand identity and equity
  • Product and service packaging
  • Product positioning
  • Vendor development
  • Merchandizing
  • Media planning and buying
  • Strategic marketing
  • Digital marketing and services
  • Website re-engineering
  • Social media marketing