The discovery of personal mission is important to create a niche for ourselves in the world we live in. Personal mission is personal leadership. Everyone loves leaders and every organization needs leaders because they add value. This personal mission is unique to you. You have it and it is the path to your personal success.

1Discovery of our personal mission starts with being aware of our own selves. It starts with a basic belief that we are responsible for our own lives. There is a unique purpose for which we live and it is our personal contribution to the people around us. When we contribute we leave a legacy behind. When we have a purpose our economic well-being comes on its own.

Personal mission is about being aware of the values we carry. Our awareness of values comes in various ways. When our values get violated we get angry or depressed; when we feel satisfied we are in line with our values. When we do not do a good job and something inside us criticizes us for that, it means the value excellence is very dear to us. Value is something that is very important to us.

Personal mission is also about contribution through our unique identity. My work on identities has reflected that each individual has a different identity and evolves over time and experience. The work that we do has to be in line with our identity. It is like if a person with an identity of a businessman were to become a salaried employee in a department, which is not into business transaction, he would feel lost. So establishing our identity is very critical. A lot of introspection is required before you connect with your identity. Identity is an outcome of the core values that we carry.

2Our unique capabilities and skills help us in our contribution. These unique gifts that we have always help us succeed in an assignment. These skills also form a base for mastering additional skills. The work we enjoy doing is in line with the unique skills that we possess.

And finally, the ultimate contribution comes out of the deepest frustration we carry in life. Life gives us ample opportunities to convert our frustrations into unique contributions, which also have a healing effect on us. Through, this ultimate contribution, do we have the energy to focus on the skills we need to develop towards a path of continuous improvement. Our ultimate satisfaction comes out of doing an excellent job for a purpose.

Our mission is a combination of the above elements. Our mission helps achieve all the necessities we have in life which are food, money and shelter i.e. our economic needs, our quality of relationships with people, our mental growth which is continuous process of learning and our ultimate contribution or our spiritual need.

If you still do not have a mission then start the process of discovery.